How To Open Dmg In Windows 7

DMG files are used on Mac OS X as disk images. In a Mac, they are automatically mounted and used as hard disk. By default, Windows Xp/Vista/7 cannot open dmg files. […]

How To Run Command Line On Sound Volumview.exe

18/10/2017 · Hallo there, I'm starting this thread as I would like to run Volumio and BubbleUPnP server on the same RPi unit, but I'm not an linux engineer, so I'm searching for some convenient method. […]

How To Read Excel Spreadsheets

The only problem I am having with reading an Excel file this way, is that it always returns my rows & fields in alphabetical order! I want the select statement to return everything in the order it was entered in the Excel … […]

How To Make Beef Lard

When the pan is hot add your lard or beef tallow. Oils like Olive and Corn smoke at lower temps. IF you must use oil use a high temp oil like peanut oil or sunflower oil. Add enough oil to a depth of a half centimeter. Turn your fire to HIGH. […]

How To Play Videos Using Html5

Another alternative to writing your own HTML is to use one of the many free video player scripts available on the Internet. The advantage of using these third party scripts is that some of them can play a video using Flash should your visitor use an old browser that does not have the built-in HTML5 video-playing capability. […]

How To Open Suitcase Lock Without Key

As without a TSA lock , Security personnel would have to cut your lock in order to open and inspect your luggage. Each TSA screening location has a secured set of Master keys with special codes to open TSA locks, and personnel will relock your bags after inspection. This system ensures that passengers using the TSA locks will not have to worry about their locks being broken or […]

How To Make A Male With Knitting Yarn

The Bernat Sophia Knit or Knot yarn is actually about the same size as Hobby Lobbys Eternal Bliss, but the yarn is simply shorter by a half inch, or so. Anyway, with what I had, I turned out a fabulously lush, fluffy giant stitch blanket about 48?x 70? which is a perfect size for snoozing on the couch with mom and dad, or to top my granddaughters new big girl bed. Turns out, if […]

How To Make Chicken Cacciatore

Follow these easy steps to prepare a tasty chicken cacciatore. Heat the oil in a large pan. Brown the chicken, a few pieces at a time, until lightly browned. Remove from the pan and set aside. Reduce the heat and add the pancetta. Cook gently to allow the fat to melt and cook until just crisp. Remove and set aside. Add the onions and mushrooms to the pan and cook for 5-10 minutes until the […]

How To Use Thick Hide Pack

Use a combination square to mark a line on the back of the door parallel with the hinge-side edge and inset ⅞ inch. Then make marks across this line 3½ inches from the top and bottom edges, as shown. […]

How To Put Sd Card In Computer Without Adapter

Inside every SD card, rows of tiny memory chips are at work – storing all your documents, music, photos etc. There are no moving parts, which means that MicroSD cards can be pretty durable – lots even claim to be waterproof. […]

How To Text A Guy And Make Him Want You

The chase and understanding the seduction game. You will have to partake in the seduction game and make sure to showcase your unique traits, what makes you different and special in order to make him fall for you and want to make you his. […]

How To Make Kids Drawings Into Movies

Learn how to draw cartoon monsters. Check out these simple step by step drawing lessons to create scary cartoons based on your favourite books, games and movies! Check out these simple step by step drawing lessons to create scary cartoons based on your favourite books, games and movies! […]

How To Make A Movie Loop In Movie Maker

25/07/2007 · I have created a photo slideshow through windows movie maker and am importing it into Roxio Easy Media Creator to burn to DVD (which I have done many times before). However, she wants the slideshow to loop/repeat automatically as it is going to stay on throughout the party. I … […]

How To Receive Sms On Unactive Sim Card

21/11/2017 · Singtel Sim card unable to receive SMS after porting from M1 to Singtel Recently port over from M1 to Singtel, after a few day then realise cannot receive incoming SMS, already done all troubleshoot Singtel ask me to do but still cannot solve the problem. […]

How To Make A Homemade Animal Trap

The live animal trap is a great humane way to trap a variety of different animals. Their simple design and easy to use features make the trap a practical choice for almost everyone. Their simple design and easy to use features make the trap a practical choice for almost everyone. […]

How To Put Sanitary Pad

7/04/2009 · No, you don't have to make your undies wet. Wait till your period arrives, then just put on a pad (that's what most of us call it), according to the instructions. […]

How To Run Credit Cards For A Small Business

The benefits of accepting credit card payments for small business There are many payment options you might accept, including cash payments , checks, debit cards, gift cards, mobile payments, and credit cards. […]

How To Make A New Group Of Friends

Group of friends image via Shutterstock About Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch is a Zen Master who blogs at Goodlife ZEN where she offers practical inspiration for a happier life. […]

How To Make A Model House Out Of Paper

This page contains free downloadable kits for paper models of a plains tipi, an Iroquois longhouse, a set of various styles of houses from prehistoric Ohio, and a Northwest Coast Cedar House. 14 of 14 […]

How To Naturally Make Pores Smaller

Having large pores can be embarrassing and inconvenient. If you think you have large unattractive pores, you probably have searched for hours trying to find the perfect potion or lotion to get rid of them. […]

How To Put Itunes Library On Iphone 5

Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click on the little phone icon just to the right of the three dots. This will bring up the iTunes panel for your phone, from which you want to select Tones in the left hand column. Once inside click Sync Tones>Selected tones>then the track you've created. Finally go to the bottom right hand corner and click Apply. […]

How To Make A Slippery Nipple Shot

Transport yourself to a spectacular tropical destination with just one sip of this Skinny Coconut Cosmo! Finlandia Vodka, coconut water, lime juice, coconut extract, and orange ex […]

How To Make A Simple Intro Msp

Authoring a Windows Installer patch The following article uses options that are available starting with the Enterprise edition and project type. This tutorial will guide you step by step into the creation of a simple Windows Installer patch project from scratch and building it in order to obtain an MSP package. […]

How To Order 12 Year Old Bank Statements

You can instantly obtain a copy of your last seven years of statements at no cost, using Online Banking or Mobile Banking. 1. To obtain a copy of your statement using Online Banking : […]

How To Make German Veal Schnitzel

Veal Schnitzel. Ingredients 5. Prep Time 00:15 Cook Time 00:10 Serves 2. STEP 1 Tenderise the veal with a meat mallet. you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. This is … […]

How To Make Girl Romantic

A Guy's Guide to Romantic Gestures: How to Be Romantic and Make a Girl Feel Special (Romantic Ideas for Her) Kindle Edition […]

How To Make Snapchat Compatible With My Phone

3. In the app, Go to Settings>>Root Settings and enable Root Explorer as well as Mount File System. 4. Open /system folder using the app and copy the build.prop file from there to the SD card storage of your phone. […]

How To Make French Nails With Tape

The steps for doing a french manicure with ordinary tape are roughly the same as using stickers and french guides. However, instead of the sticker you will use an ordinary tape, just below the tip of your nails. Keep in mind that because the tape is straight, it will be almost impossible to get a curvy line with it so use it only to make straight french tips. […]

How To Make A Wooden Sewing Box

To make it even sturdier, you could place a piece of plastic canvas or any pliable plastic piece in the bottom section and even the sides before sewing closed. I suggest plastic over cardboard as you can bend and manipulate it through the fabric and it won’t be … […]

How To Promote My Website Pay Pal

24 Ways to Promote Your Website and Get More Traffic 1. Write content that screams Share me or Link to me Your content is, obviously, one of the most important parts of your website. […]

How To Make Homemade Spring Roll Wrappers

These can be made with homemade spring roll wrappers or with readymade frozen sheets. The homemade wrappers do not turn out as good as the readymade sheets. […]

How To Make Beats With Fruity Loops

FL Studio loops, FL Studio drum loops, & FL Studio loop packs for Fruity Loops music software. Download 1000's of FL Studio music loops & drum loops for Hip-Hop R&B for Image Line Fruity Loops music software. Download over 250MB of free fruity loops free with email sign-up! […]

How To Carry A Travel Pack And A Backpack

Travel Pack on Pack Hacker The Aer Travel Pack is a sleek & good looking—ideally suited for casual, one bag travel and urban adventure. Plus, it’s got some… Plus, it’s got some… The Aer Travel Pack is a sleek & good looking—ideally suited for casual, one bag travel and urban adventure. […]

How To Say Phone In Chinese

The current Chinese phrase "What is your phone number?" appears in these as well. Dating Greetings - Introduction. Learn how to say the Chinese phrase for What is your phone number? with standard Mandarin pronunciation. Free Mandarin phrases with pinyin and literal translation. Tweet. Follow Standard Mandarin. Follow @StdMandarin. Links. Pinyin Chart . Chinese Phrases. Follow . About. Standard […]

How To End An Affair When You Re In Love

@Em_c88. You broke up with your SO 5 days ago and you’re already in love with someone else?! You should end it with both of them. Your SO was cheating on you. […]

How To Make Ice Cream Courses

Ingredients Ice cream is made from milk, cream, sugar, eggs and flavouring. It is then churned in an ice-cream maker to achieve the smooth texture and consistency. Ice cream […]

How To Prepare For A C Section

There may be several reasons a doctor recommends a planned cesarean instead of labor for your upcoming birth. Medical situations including placenta previa, maternal health conditions, or a baby with some known health concerns are a few of the potential reasons. […]

How To Make Home Made Pore Mask

So, in this article we will share this quick and simple pore tightening face mask that you can make at home. This pore tightening mask can be tried every couple of days or when you’re heading for a big event like party or a wedding to attend etc. […]

How To Make Top Coat Nail Polish

The gel polish top coat technique not only gives your regular nail polish the strength and protection to prevent chipping and peeling for longer, but also the bonus of a long lasting glossy top coat. SensatioNail has a specially formulated system called Polish to Gel Transformer that enables you to do this in the comfort of your own home. […]

How To Say I Have A Lot Of Experience

way. They say I have a lot more life experience because I’m old, and actually lived, since most of them joined right out of high school. Since beginning at Kaplan and maintaining high grades, even while on deployment, my marines have started to come to me asking for help enrolling in classes. […]

How To Make Chocolate Meringue Pie

25/02/2012 Pies are not my forte. I rarely make them, and frankly, they're not my favorite to eat, either. However, I saw that Fika med Eleonore, a fairly new-to-me Swedish blog, had a cookbook challenge where she wanted everyone to try out a new recipe for - you guessed it, pie - I knew I wanted to join in. […]

How To Make Paper Squishies With Easy Ingredients

Squishies, How to make polymer clay squishies, Christmas Squishey Tag. Agkikibeloved \\, Store Bought Squishies V.S D.I.Y Squishies, Sophia, All my DIY squishies!, DIY Balloon Squishy Stress Ball, Liquid, My Craft Haul - Materials for How to Do Craft […]

How To Pay Late Taxes

If you don't pay by the due date for each quarter, your payment is considered late; you can't just pay up at the end of the year when you file your tax return. But if you expect that you'll owe less than $1,000 in taxes on your untaxed income, you're off the hook -- unless you're wrong and your tax owed turns out to be greater than this. […]

How To Say My Dear Friend In French

dear friend Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names […]

How To Read A String By Scanf

Reads data from s and stores them according to parameter format into the locations given by the additional arguments, as if scanf was used, but reading from s instead of the standard input . The additional arguments should point to already allocated objects of the type specified by their corresponding format specifier within the format string. […]

How To Make Polished Concrete Worktops

Concrete and granite countertops typically cost about the same (more on prices later), but that's really where the similarities end. Concrete is basically a mix of cement and an aggregate. […]

How To Make Polymer Clay Flowers

Bring a touch of color into your crafting with one of these beautiful tutorials for a flower made of polymer clay. Make them into a bouquet of flowers, a magnet, some buttons, a broach, or just use your imagination to craft any and everything possible. […]

How To Make Hummus Lebanese

In 2012, Australian filmmaker Trevor Graham released a documentary, Make Hummus Not War, on the political and gastronomic aspects of hummus. [40] In May 2010, the Guinness World Record for the largest dish of hummus in the world returned to […]

How To Make Horse Armor In Minecraft Windows 10

"Craft leather horse armor in Minecraft PE 0.15.0 (and more crafting recipes)" See more How to Dye Leather Armor in Minecraft PE and Windows 10. Armor Recipes - Minecraft. What others are saying "Just out today! Dye leather armor in PE and Windows 10. New instructions for only these versions of Minecraft" See more. Minecraft Horse Minecraft Food Minecraft Decorations […]

How To Make A French Barrette

Ribbon Barrette Tutorial. Materials to make one pair of matching barrettes: 2 open-center barrettes (preferably NOT no-slip) 6 feet in each of two colors of 1/8? width ribbon ruler or tape measure scissors. 1) Measure and cut three feet of each color of ribbon. 2) Holding both ribbons flat against each other, place the barrette in the center of the ribbons. Think about how you will wear your […]

How To Pay Eastlink Toll Invoice

The toll cap does not apply to EastLink trip passes. 20% weekend discount for cars On Saturdays, Sundays and Victorian Public Holidays, EastLink car tolls are automatically discounted by 20%. […]

How To Run Electrical Wire For Ceiling Fan

See 'Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting' or 'Electrical Repair' for all the electrical topics. Checking for Loose Wiring You are going to need some help to hold the fan while you check the wires. […]

Ark How To Make Cake

I covered a 10" cake with thin frosting, then blue fondant. I iced my ark pieces, then covered them completely with fondant. After envisioning all the wood pieces falling off my tapered ark, I decided to cover the whole thing with fondant first, then add the other decorations. […]

How To Make A Handmade Travel Brochure

How to make handmade brochure Bstine. 159 60K . 08/12/17. Tags: How Handmade Make Hand Report this item. Login to leave a comment. How to Make a Toy Box, with Karl Champley. by Craftsman. 90 54K How to Create Transfer Paper for Artists. by Mindy Lighthipe. 578 106K How to make a hearth. fireplace in miniature for D&D DMG#085 . by TheDMGinfo. 433 6142 DIY Harry Potter-How to make […]

How To Make Friends In My Area Through Gaming

Connecting with your neighbours through a big, shared activity is a great way of keeping yourself occupied. Lots of rural areas have community programs set up to keep people connected. Options include sporting groups, choirs , bushwalking groups , and many others. […]

How To Prepare Hot Chocolate At Home

17/12/2017 · Nothing better this winter season than homemade hot chocolate made from scratch! Try out my recipe of hot chocolate in hindi, and make this delicious winter beverage at home! […]

How To Make Avocado Oil For Natural Hair

Mix an ounce of avocado oil with three to five drops of other natural oil for hair treatment. Massage a bit amount of another ado oil onto your head scalp gently rinsing. It helps stimulate, blood circulation and a opens blocked follicles. […]

How To Make Easy Recipes In English

Traditional English Recipes Tasty English Food For You to Cook. Most traditional English recipes have a long and eventful history. Some were passed down through generations of cooks, others were chance inventions that were so well liked that many […]

How To Say The Apostles Creed

The Meaning Of The Apostles' Creed. The Apostle's Creed is a list of what Catholics believe. The word creed itself means "I believe". The Apostles' Creed is the first of the Catholic Rosary prayers because it lists the important truths taught by Jesus. […]

How To Make Music Album With Photos

Now, get the DVD Slideshow Builder to make your own Facebook video with photos and music, and upload to to share with your friends. Related … […]

How To Say Hello In Scandinavian

To make a simple statement in English, you say I am, You are, He is, She is. In Manx, we say the opposite, Am I, Are you, Is he, Is she . The easy thing about Manx is that Ta will always remain Ta , except if followed by a vowel, which it will be contracted and drop the a . […]

How To Open Word Without Password

How to Open Password Protected Word Document without Password "Is it possible to open a password protected Word document without password? If yes, then how? This is a question many people want to know. Because the following 3 cases usually occur […]

How To Make Fregola Pasta

Fregola or fregula is one of the typical pasta shapes from Sardinia (the other one is malloreddus). It is like very thick spaghetti made from durum wheat, cut into short pieces and then toasted. […]

How To Make Windows 8 Driver

If I ever need to reinstall Windows under any circumstances that results in missing device drivers, I can temporarily attach that USB drive, open Device Manager, right-click the unknown device, select Update driver software... and point it at the DriverStore folder on the USB drive. This will search through the folder hierarchy and install the missing driver. Repeat for each unknown device. […]

Simon Flash How To Play

Play the Flash Simon game online for free! A cute flash version of the classic Simon Electronic game trying to make it as realistic as possible. Instructions The object is simple, remember the sounds and lights to achieve the highest score. […]

How To Put Text Sony Vegas Pro 13

How To Motion Track Text And Images In Sony Vegas Pro 13 : Quick And Easy Back . Follow Sony Vegas Tutorial (How to put beat pumps and effect's) Are perpetual motion machines possible? I TRIED FOLLOWING A TANA MONGEAU MAKEUP TUTORIAL… OMG. Is PlayStation VR Worth It? Vegas Pro 15: How To Make The Jumper Effect (Teleport) - Tutorial #243. How I Edit My Videos! (Sony Vegas … […]

How To Remember What You Read

Here’s 5 things you can do to improve how much you remember: 1) Strengthen Your Reading Skills A strong foundation never hurts. If you don’t follow good reading practices in the first place, consuming a lot of information can be overwhelming. […]

How To Make A Girl Feel Amazing

laureneburnham Feeling so grateful for my amazing friends and family. You ladies really know how to make a girl feel special. Thank you for everything you do and for the best bridal shower I … […]

Youtube How To Make A Wrist Corsage

With wrist corsages trending right now, the second is an idea of how to make those as well. The boutonnieres are much simpler and could be used as a small corsage. The last boutonniere uses floral magnets, which you could easily substitute for two heavy duty magnets you can find at a craft or office store. Enjoy! ~ Lia […]

How To Make A Spray Booth Ventilation Fan

"Spray booth." A power-ventilated structure provided to enclose or accommodate a spraying operation to confine and limit the escape of spray, vapor, and residue, and to safely conduct or direct them to an exhaust system. 1926.66(a)(4) […]

How To Make A Pvc Bow Youtube

How to make a doll apron Зангиев и накано против анджо и миято How to make a bow weapon how do i make a compound bow with pvc tube Михаил рудковский киев пп Alik64ma How to make a howtobasic remix 2659m Passions s2e184 part 4 0 malcolm green basketball highlights Camila maximinogomes 🎮вак бан (vac ban) за прострелы (cs:go […]

How To Do You Know If Your In Love

When you first fall in love, and at times throughout your love story, you may like you’re on a sort of drug high. According to a 2010 study at Rutgers University , falling in love can produce a very similar sensation to getting high. […]

How To Say Dutch In Dutch

Translations How to say desire in Dutch? dɪˈzaɪ ə r de·sire Would you like to know how to translate desire to Dutch? This page provides all possible translations of the word desire in the Dutch language. […]

How To Play The Midnight Game

I see a lot of people on here asking about the Midnight Game, what is it, how do I play it, hey can I do this thing instead, et cetera. For everyone who is curious, here are the rules - a special annotated version explaining the why and wherefore of various aspects. […]

Backflow Incense Cones How To Make

Ceramic Backflow Incense Monk Smoke Cone Burner Cones Holder Censer Glass Pot. And pour incense burner for the special tower incense, at the bottom of a small hole, if the smoke than the air sink will be with the tower of the hole down the flow, and then along the backflow censer circuit flow. […]

How To Prepare Crayfish For Cooking

Tips. To maximise flavour always cook your Crayfish in salty water, so that the flavour of the meat is maintained, sea water is preferred if available. […]

How To Make Chinese Mince Pancakes

Fry the mince in a pan, add the tomato relish, tomato sauce, salt & pepper and simmer. It shouldnt be too saucy. It shouldnt be too saucy. Use a square oven dish or at least a round oven dish thats bigger than the pancakes or a loose-bottom cake pan. […]

How To Make A Nurse Hat Out Of Fondant

This page was last updated: Jan-08 01:46. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. […]

How To Make Nipples Smaller

6/05/2011 Update: And she goes around to people making fun of it. And I'm 14. BUT like when I'm older and start gettin 'active' around age 20 I'm afraid my boyfriend or whatever will get turned off by them. […]

How To Make A Character Voice

It all comes down to character voice–and specifically, the narrative voice of the protagonist. Whenever I’ve polled readers about “make or break” factors in their decisions to buy books, narrative voice is one of the factors that crops up consistently. […]

How To Make Money Online In Pakistan

Recent Posts. How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan and India; Earn Online Philippines Freelance Extra Income Work At Home [ Bitcoin Mining ] Bitcoin earn money online free Bitcoin Cloud mining website 2019 Best Payment […]

How To Make A Flower Garland Out Of Tissue Paper

30/05/2013 · Last year, I made large tissue paper Flower Pom-Poms for my Birthday and I've wanted to try out some different styles ever since. Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I made some smaller versions with a different 'petal' that I can have around for Summer [I felt like it was here then], so set about making these during Britain's Got Talent […]

How To Make Chrismon Ornaments

Christ-Adornments Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments . Tell your faith story by making a Christ-Tree this Christmas, or add them to your existing collection of ornaments! […]

How To Make Steelhead Trout

Arrange trout fillets in the baking dish. Mix white wine, Dijon mustard, garlic, lemon juice, dill, and lemon-pepper seasoning in a bowl; spread over the fillets, letting some run […]

How To Play Eagles On Guitar

An electric guitar lesson on how to play the guitar solo to “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles, played by Glenn Frey. I’ve always loved this song, but have always loved the guitar solo more! […]

How To Make Courgette Ribbons

21/11/2016 · Slice the zucchini into long ribbons 1/16-inch thick using a mandoline slicer. Add the butter and oil to a large saute pan over medium-high heat. […]

How To Make Aluminum Chloride

You must check to make sure that it is safe for you to take aluminum chloride hexahydrate with all of your drugs and health problems. Do not start, stop, or change the dose of … […]

How To Make Baking Soda At Home

Home DIY Homemade How to Make Sodium Ascorbate At Home (How to make buffered Vitamin C using Ascorbic acid and Baking soda) […]

How To Make Funny Glasses

Make yourself your very own "stay awake glasses" - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Flash Games, Streaming Media […]

How To Make A Ball Mill

The design of a ball mill can vary significantly depending on the size, the equipment used to load the starting material (feeders), and the system for discharging the output product. The size of a mill is usually characterized by the ratio “length to diameter” and this ratio most frequently varies from 0.5 to 3.5. The starting material can be loaded either through a spout feeder or by […]

How To Make A Big Cookie Cake

This sugar cookie cake is incredible on it’s own, but you know kids {and really big kids} love M&M’s, too. Either way you slice it, I know it will be one of your favorites, too. Either way you slice it, I know it will be one of your favorites, too. […]

How To Respond If Someine Say Hows Down Under

29/01/2013 Gday Digger ive taken our van to some pretty hospitable places and we have a under slung solid axle and dont have any problems now ive changed springs $2100 is a lot of mods you can pay for also on my travels the vans / trailers with independent susp were the ones with the most problems / breakages. […]

How To Open Dvd Security Cases

Security Cases. DVD. CD. Blu Ray. Decouplers/Keys. One-Time™ Universal™ Securecase™ Benefit Denial™ Amaray II™ DVD. Amaray II™ Amigo™ ALPHApak™ MultiDisc Solutions. Media Stack. One-Time™ AudioBook. Audio Book. Media Stack. One-Time™ Blu ray. Amaray II™ Amigo™ Compact Disc. Amigo™ AudioBook. Customer Service (516) 333-8880 Sales (516) 394-2207 info@clear … […]

How To Put The Degrees Sign On Windows

For the degrees symbol ,press and hold the "Fn" and "Alt" keys and at the same time enter "654654456". This works beautifully and the numbers are so easy to input and remember ! Unfortunately though, I couldn't get it to work in this Comment. […]

How To Play Space Marines Dawn Of War

With war raging and the planet under siege by the armies of greedy Ork warlord Gorgutz, ambitious Eldar seer Macha, and mighty Space Marine commander Gabriel Angelos, supremacy must ultimately be suspended for survival. […]

How To Say Please Enjoy In Korean

26/02/2010 · Please Enjoy - 楽しんで下さい (Tanoshinnde kudasai) i guess that would be the normal way but if youre doing a presentation or some sorta and you're about to start, "Please enjoy" then you would want to use formal right. --> お楽しみ下さい (Otanoshimi kudasai) […]

How To Play Tongue Drum

Hello Noah, just got the drum today ! Amazing, just amazing. I love it at the very first touch.Really well made and good tune. Ill recommend for sure at all my musicians community in Quebec City and everywhere ill go play in this beautiful world ! […]

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